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The GSN Donation Process Highlights

For detailed documents about Donating and Recurring Gifts, Donation Receipts, and In-Kind Donations, click here

All DONATIONS require a completed donation receipt.

DONORS can choose to mark/donate *“Anonymously” or “No Receipt Needed” – but a completed receipt is still required according to IRS regulations. 

WITH a VALID EMAIL address, all receipts whether FINANICAL TRANSACTIONS or IN-KIND donations will be sent a receipt, per occurrence, at the time of posting, regardless of the donation or posting dates. For In-Kind receipts – once an email receipt has been sent, no further receipts will be sent without a request.

WITHOUT an EMAIL all FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS (cash, check, card) WITH AN ADDRESS  will be receipted by mail, per occurrence, at the time of posting, regardless of the donation or posting dates. Financial transactions ONLY (cash, check, card) will be sent an annual Tax Summary Statement. 

Online FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS will automatically be receipted, per occurrence, upon submission based on a VALID EMAIL provided by the DONOR.

All DONORS who decide NOT to provide an EMAIL have a couple of options:

DONORS are free to take a “blank” donation receipt when completing a GSN DONATION RECEIPT and complete it later, and save it for their records..... OR 

DONORS are free to take a “picture” of a completed GSN DONATION RECEIPT on-site and save it for their records.


Legible receipts are critical. Contact details, and especially EMAILS, should be printed clearly and are especially important for the accuracy of data input and email delivery. 

Donation receipts are posted within 10-12 business days. 

Typically * “anonymously” means the DONOR does not need a receipt. However, the IRS requires specific documentation information based on the size of the donation.  

The legal responsibility of proof lies with the DONOR. We recommend donors seek legal/professional tax representation regarding all donations.

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