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Founder/Executive Director


Nancy S. (Mason) Chance is the Founder and Executive Director of the Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County. She is a lifelong resident of Noblesville and has served the residents of Hamilton County since a young child. 


It all began in the heart of a little girl in1946...

Childlike Beginnings
Varying Stages
Continued Enlargement

The underlying beginnings of GSN actually found its roots in the heart of Nancy (Mason) Chance when she was only four years old. As a very small child she was moved by the needs of others. In fact, this driving passion to help naturally originated due to a focused family value of helping people. Her earliest recollection of initially executing and extending this value became evident along a simple railroad track near her grandfather’s cabinet and carpentry shop. The idea was simple. Take what you have and share it with others. From that moment on her life would be never the same as the call to be an advocate for people continued to root and define itself in her childlike beginnings. 


From childhood thru her adult life she felt God continue to expand her passion and felt-need to reach out to help people who were hurting and experiencing life crisis and emergencies. Eventually she founded GSN based on that call and compassion for people. She worked diligently from her home to coordinate an extensive effort to serve people. She was meticulous in finding creative ways to repurpose goods (food, clothing, toys, etc) and to even raise funds to assist families financially. In fact, it was Hamilton County government leaders and various social agencies that came to her and asked her to consider how she might coordinate an approach that would ensure efficiency and help eliminate duplication of services in Hamilton County – especially during the holidays. That began what we now call the “InDirect Services” or the “Network” part of Good Samaritan Network. 


Good Samaritan Network has grown and expanded its services to what has now become an intermediary hybrid nonprofit charity status organization ( a go-between or intermediate agent of one or more sources) working uniquely with both clients and organizations to intermediate the needs of Hamilton County’s underserved. The hope of helping build better lives for people is not limited to food and shelter insecurities or financial instability, it reaches to the spiritual and everyday life, as well as education, job and health issues.


Nancy has always believed that cultivating a culture of doing good – the principle of the Good Samaritan - would ultimately and significantly impact the residents of Hamilton County. Further, community outreach lets the public know that no matter who you are, no matter where you live or work – everyone can invest in the communities they live in. So that giving back is not just a social responsibility or moral obligation, but quite simply, it’s just the right thing to do to meet people at their need!


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The underlying beginnings of GSN actually found its roots in the heart of Nancy (Mason) Chance when she was only four years old. As a very small child she was moved by the needs of others.

Mission and Vision

The MISSION of Good Samaritan Network is to demonstrate the unconditional love of Christ by serving the physical, financial and emotional needs of the underserved individuals and families in Hamilton County.


The VISION of Good Samaritan Network is to position ourselves in the community with a suitable location and with strong physical and financial resources - aligned to an effective organizational structure for the facilitation, collaboration, and coordination of appropriate services to those residents of Hamilton County in need of physical, spiritual and emotional support; who find themselves among the at-risk people we serve.


The VALUES of Good Samaritan Network represent our aspirations and desires to serve Hamilton County:


  • We believe that working together and building a strong network is critical to the survival of all nonprofit organizations and stimulates a sense of hope without the community. 

  • We pride ourselves in forming deep connections with all of our partners to advocate and champion the importance of collaboration.

  • We are committed to creative and innovative thinking to enlarge our resources and our partners’ resources greater than one may be able to do on their own.

  • We understand that every partner has valid and valued opinions and emotions related to all life-situations we connect with.

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