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Good Samaritan Network has two distinct serving approaches for "meeting people at their need" - providing direct care for residents of Hamilton County when they have no where else to turn. 


Hundreds of agencies and social services in Hamilton County provide critical services to its residents. The “networking” of these agencies has become even more critical due to the economic complications and governmental downsizing.

Direct Services

GSN is directly involved in assisting the underserved and at-risk individuals and families within Hamilton County. Typically direct services involve emergency or crisis intervention for: housing and utility assistance, food insecurities, car repairs, medical and prescription assistance, as well as educational opportunities for improving individual independence. GSN provides direct care when clients have nowhere else to turn.


We directly collaborate with the five major hospitals, county trustees, free health clinics, sliding scale health clinic, social services, governmental and emergency agencies, as well as the Hamilton County school systems.


Similarly GSN has become the signature Holiday Assistance program in Hamilton County with basic holiday provisions (Holiday food, clothing, toys, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve meals, etc.) available for countless individuals and families. GSN coordinates Holiday iSponsors with various agencies, organizations, individuals and churches.


Financial assistance and support of GSN programming and events is provided based on donations and grants secured by GSN and is quickly dispensed through a client application process. Financial donations directly impact clients served by GSN.

inDirect Services

The network was established to ensure efficiency and communication among the different groups who serve the underserved residents of Hamilton County who are at-risk. Additionally, this process helps identify potential abusers of the system while providing the best overall coordinated assistance. 


GSN provides resources and support for critical human services to network service providers making them stronger and more effective; with the goal of collaborating and uniting for the common good rather than duplicating efforts and competing for funding.


Since 1995 GSN developed a pathway to connect and support at-risk individuals and families with its collaborative NETWORK approach, comprised of:


● Nonprofit social, governmental and emergency agencies throughout Hamilton County

● Food, clothing, and baby pantries that stock, serve and support Hamilton County 

● Township trustees who refer clients to GSN

● Local Hamilton County Churches

● Partnering Businesses and Corporations who support GSN thru community service projects, donations and events.

Family Unwrapping

With hundreds of agencies and organizations in constant contact with GSN we are able to provide a strong supportive network for potential assistance among a wide range of needs.


Assistance normally begins with the Township Trustee or with Primelife Enrichment (for seniors & disabled) in a typical needs assessment process.  The individual/family needing assistance will need to contact his/her Township Trustee before any appropriate help can be determined. The Trustee may be able to assist or they will refer the individual/family to other agencies such as: FEMA, Salvation Army, and/or Good Samaritan Network, etc. If a referral is not made a letter of denial is provided. Upon receiving either one a contact should be made to GSN for next step options.

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The MISSION of Good Samaritan Network is to demonstrate the unconditional love of Christ by serving the physical, financial and emotional needs of the underserved individuals and families in Hamilton County.


The VISION of Good Samaritan Network is to position ourselves in the community with a suitable location and with strong physical and financial resources - aligned to an effective organizational structure for the facilitation, collaboration, and coordination of appropriate services to those residents of Hamilton County in need of physical, spiritual and emotional support; who find themselves among the at-risk people we serve.


The VALUES of Good Samaritan Network represent our aspirations and desires to serve Hamilton County:


  • We believe that working together and building a strong network is critical to the survival of all nonprofit organizations and stimulates a sense of hope without the community. 

  • We pride ourselves in forming deep connections with all of our partners to advocate and champion the importance of collaboration.

  • We are committed to creative and innovative thinking to enlarge our resources and our partners’ resources greater than one may be able to do on their own.

  • We understand that every partner has valid and valued opinions and emotions related to all life-situations we connect with.

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