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BABE Store


GSN provides resources and support, like the BABE Store, helping Hamilton County residents with baby clothing, baby supplies and essentials, including maternity clothes. 


GSN serves as the Fiscal Agent for several organizations which serve the residents of Hamilton County, including the BABE Store. 


The BABE Store is a community-based incentive program overseen by Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County that provides new and gently used essential clothing and supplies to pregnant women and parents of young children (up to size 6). The program operates a store concept where families can exchange coupons for items needed. Coupons are obtained from various participating health care and social service agencies and providers.


BABE Store Hours

BABE Store Video

Click for BABE Store Brochure 


Mission - The BABE Store provides tangible incentives that encourage families to nurture and improve the health and well-being of their family.



Cancer Service of Hamilton County


GSN provides resources and support for various agencies in Hamilton County and has been entrusted to carry on the important work of the Cancer Service of Hamilton County, Inc.


A diagnosis of cancer presents many challenges and we are attempting to help wherever possible for those in our community who have been affected by this devastating disease.


We know there is a multitude of issues related to the disease, including the emotional and social concerns that can greatly affect a patient or family's well-being. Often this includes insufficient financial resources, disruption of work, school and family life, transportation issues, information access, as well as depression and anxiety. Additionally, there is often a significant change in lifestyle and habits, physical activity or even diet, etc., which affects the struggle and life journey.


As donations are received these designated gifts impact those with a cancer diagnosis and or various cancer-related issues.



Breathe Easy Hamilton County

GSN provides community resources and support, like Breathe Easy Hamilton County, helping address health-related issues in Hamilton County specific to smoke-free air. Breathe Easy Hamilton County is a broad-based alliance of local organizations and individuals and believes everyone deserves the right to breathe smoke-free air at work and in public places. Breathe Easy Hamilton County aligns with the purpose and mission of GSN. 

317-340-6679 - Direct Contact  

317-842-2603, x204 - Office   


Breathe Easy Hamilton County Link Web Site

Click for Breathe Easy Hamilton County Brochure

REHAB Equipment Link


GSN provides community resources and support, like Rehab Equipment Link, helping Hamilton County residents with limited simple medical equipment - provided short-term (90 days). Rehab Equipment Link aligns with the purpose and mission of GSN. 



Service Location (click for directions):

REHAB Equipment Link

865 Westfield Rd., Suite C

Noblesville, IN 46062

Located in: Riverview Health Pavilion



REHAB Equipment Link Web Site

Click for Rehab Brochure



Recycled Cycles

GSN provides community resources and support, like Recycled Cycles, helping Hamilton County children, youth and adults with a bicycle during the holidays. Recycled Cycles aligns with the purpose and mission of GSN. 

Shop Location:

Recycled Cycles Shop

840 East Main St
Westfield, IN

Recycled Cycles Link Web Site

Click for Recycled Cycles Brochure

What Is A Fiscal Sponsor?


Fiscal sponsor (or fiscal agents) are most often seen in the non-profit sector. Many non-profit organizations don't have a lot of experience managing the administrative aspects of a business, while others do not have the required 501(c)(3) status needed to legally operate one. In both cases, a fiscal sponsor can help by providing limited financial and legal oversight for groups and individuals and assist with governing rules and arrangements designated by the IRS. Generally, under this type of 501(c)(3) arrangement, a charitable group can get more funding to perform its mission.



Understanding Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship for Nonprofits



BABE Store
Cancer Service



Good Samaritan Network (GSN) is a collaborative/network of non-profits in Hamilton County. The work of the Good Samaritan Network is considered an intermediary hybrid - a go-between or mediator of more than one source, i.e., the network. GSN utilizes two serving approaches, Direct and InDirect services.


It’s only natural that part of our InDirect services, related to the network, is designed to routinely communicate, provide training, tools and resources, that supports the underserved residents of Hamilton County. Good Samaritan Network is delighted to support different non-profit agencies in Hamilton County who are aligned with GSN’s mission and vision.


A relationship of this sort is especially useful for a launched nonprofit that isn’t ready to take it to full scale. Fiscal agency allows an organization without Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to receive funds via an established nonprofit with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Nonprofits chose fiscal agency for a number of reasons, including funding representation, uncertainty over whether their organization will find long-term success, lack of administrative know-how of their leaders or the visibility that affiliation with another nonprofit provides.


The MISSION of Good Samaritan Network is to demonstrate the unconditional love of Christ by serving the physical, financial and emotional needs of the underserved individuals and families in Hamilton County.


The VISION of Good Samaritan Network is to position ourselves in the community with a suitable location and with strong physical and financial resources - aligned to an effective organizational structure for the facilitation, collaboration, and coordination of appropriate services to those residents of Hamilton County in need of physical, spiritual and emotional support; who find themselves among the at-risk people we serve.


The VALUES of Good Samaritan Network represent our aspirations and desires to serve Hamilton County:


  • We believe that working together and building a strong network is critical to the survival of all nonprofit organizations and stimulates a sense of hope without the community. 

  • We pride ourselves in forming deep connections with all of our partners to advocate and champion the importance of collaboration.

  • We are committed to creative and innovative thinking to enlarge our resources and our partners’ resources greater than one may be able to do on their own.

  • We understand that every partner has valid and valued opinions and emotions related to all life-situations we connect with.

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