Simple rehabilitation equipment for everyday life!

It is our great pleasure to support our community in loaning simple medical equipment to the residents of Hamilton County and those being served by Hamilton County physicians and hospitals!

Good Samaritan Network

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Simple rehabilitation equipment for everyday life!                   



REHAB Equipment Link

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Located in: Riverview Health Pavilion

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If you have a legitimate emergency or you are unable to apply ONLINE, call:  317-219-8613.

Our program is dynamically linked to the community in loaning rehabilitation equipment for the residents of Hamilton County and those being served by physicians and hospitals in Hamilton County, Indiana.


Our goal is to readily provide support with simple rehab equipment for those who have a temporary need (90 days). Donations of cash or usable equipment, and volunteering with REHAB Equipment Link, is appreciated as we expand services and continue to meet people at their need. Please use the DonateNOW button on this site or mail your check to:     

Good Samaritan Network

Attn: Rehab Equipment Link

12933 Parkside Drive

Fishers, In 46038

Ph: 317-842-2603

You can also volunteer with REHAB Equipment Link.

All gifts are tax-deductible. Checks should be made out to Good Samaritan Network. 


Thank you!

We are pleased to provide several types of rehab equipment that may be available for loan (inventory is not guaranteed).


  • Bedside Commodes

  • Canes

  • Crutches

  • High Rise Toilet Seats

  • Hemi Walker

  • Hospital Beds

  • Hoyer Lift

  • Seat Transfer Bench

  • Shower Stools/Chairs

  • Toilet Frames / Safety Rails / Risers 

  • Transport Belts

  • Transport Chairs / Lift 

  • Tub Transfer Benches

  • Walkers / Gliders 

  • Wheelchairs



Scroll below to view Rehab Equipment Link items currently available...
At the time of your appointment, further consultation of equipment needs will be available.
Tub ​Seat Transfer Bench

This style allows the bench to straddle the tub wall. The person sits down outside the tub and slides across the bench lifting the legs over the tub wall. If a shower is desired it is recommended to hang two shower curtains and have them meet over the bench since the bench is not fully inside the tub. A hand-held shower head or an adjustable height shower head is recommended to make showering while seated easier.

Shower Stool

A shower stool may be used in a tub or shower. The person must be able to step over the tub wall if used in a combination tub/shower.

Shower Seat with Back Rest

A seat with back support which can be used in the tub or shower.

Shower Bence with Arms

A seat that allows the person to grip the arms for balance while entering or exiting the tub or shower.

Straight Cane

This is a simple cane.

Quad Cane with Small Base
A four prong base provides more stability than a straight cane. Women usually prefer the smaller base.
Quad Cane with Large Base

Men often prefer the greater stability provided by the large base.

Folding Cane with Seat

For the person who prefers a cane, but still needs to rest while walking a folding cane with seat may be the answer. We do not currently have this style in our inventory.

Bedside Commode

Bedside commodes can also have the pan removed and be placed over an existing toilet to provide arms to assist the person with getting up and down and they are higher than a traditional toilet.

Toilet Safety Rails

Safety rails attach to the toilet where the seat attaches. The rails make rising easier while using the existing toilet.

Toilet Riser with Handles

A toilet riser converts an existing toilet into a high rise. The attached handles allow the person to rise more easily.

Toilet Seat Riser

A toilet seat riser makes it easier to get up from a standard toilet. It does not require any changes to be made to the existing toilet. It is portable so it can be taken when traveling or even going to the mall since not all handicap stalls have high rise toilets.

Wooden Crutches

We have wooden crutches with padded hand grips and tops.

Walking Forearm Crutches

For a person who doesn't want pressure under the arm a forearm crutch may be a better choice. Currently we do not have any of this style in our inventory.

Adult Walker

All of our walkers fold for easy transport. Straight legs with caps provide stability. This is usually the first style used in the hospital.

Walker with Wheels

Many people find a walker with wheels to be easier to use. If the doctor or therapist agrees that the person can manage a walker with wheels we have several styles from which to choose. Be sure to ask your professional what size wheels and the location of the wheels so we can provide you the appropriate walker for your recovery

Wheeled Walker with Seat


If the person needs to rest frequently then a wheeled walker with a seat can be borrowed. Some have a basket beneath the seat to carry possessions. Items can also be placed on the seat such as a sack of groceries. These walkers have a hand brake. However, the person cannot sit on the walker and be pushed or propel themselves with their feet. The walker is meant to be used as a traditional walker when moving or as a seat when the person  needs to rest. It is not a substitute for a wheelchair. Check with your doctor or therapist to be sure that this is an appropriate choice for your needs.

Walkers and Gliders


Some of our walkers have had gliders added to the end of the legs instead of caps or wheels. This makes the walker a cross between a walker with wheels and one the has to picked up for every step. The glides provide more stability than the wheels. Some people add tennis balls over the end caps, but glides will work on carpet as well as tile.



All of our wheelchairs have removable foot supports. This makes the wheelchair lighter. Removing the foot supports before loading a wheelchair into a car makes it easier to lift. It also makes it easier to fit a wheelchair into the trunk of car. 

Not all of our wheelchairs have foot supports. Some were given to us without the foot supports. Others have been returned without the foot supports. We can usually accommodate requests for wheelchairs, but you may not receive foot supports.

All of our wheelchairs will fold making storage and transport easier.

We have standard width chairs (usually 18-19 inches) and wider chairs (22 inches) in our inventory.

Transport Chairs

A transport chair has four wheels that are all the same size. It is lighter in weight and easier to fit into a car. The person must be pushed by another person or be able to "walk" the chair using their legs. 

The foot supports are removable. There is a seat belt attached to the chair since the person in the chair can be thrown forward if the front wheels encounter an obstacle.