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Good Samaritan Network (GSN) is a collaborative/network of non-profits in Hamilton County. The work of the Good Samaritan Network is considered an intermediary hybrid - a go-between or mediator of more than one source, i.e., the network. GSN utilizes two serving approaches, Direct and InDirect services. 


The InDirect services, in part, the network, is designed to routinely communicate, provide training, tools and resources, coordinate primary community related events, and ensure efficiency and communication among the different individuals, agencies, social services, nonprofits, organizations, local government, township trustees, food, clothing and baby pantries, schools, churches and businesses who serve the needs of Hamilton County residents at-risk or the underserved.


Direct Services impacts those within our community who are under-served and at-risk and often involves individual emergency or crisis intervention. Meeting the needs of people with life issues typically includes: food or shelter insecurities, financial assistance, education, transportation, and more! Holiday Assistance is one of our collaborative signature services reaching over 46,000 people annually for Thanksgiving and Christmas, including holiday meals, clothing and gifts.


Collaborating with: 268 Agencies, 280 Churches, 43 Food Pantries, 69 Schools, and 5 Hospitals.


The Good Samaritan Network was formally organized in March 1995, evolving from a group of programs and services in existence since early 1980. GSN's indirect services involve the network, which is a collaborative group of non-profits located in Hamilton County who collaborate and support one another within the Good Samaritan Network. One primary objective is its effort to assess the true needs of clients and assist them with county-wide support services while reducing duplication of effort.


GSN is the umbrella organization, or the hub, that coordinates and develops various efforts and opportunities for our clients with consistent programming and services. The use of a common database empowers network participants with a reliable means of reference checking and provides decision-making opportunity prior to serving client(s).

Mission Vision Values

The MISSION of the Good Samaritan Network is to demonstrate the unconditional love of Christ by serving the physical, financial and emotional needs of underserved individuals and families in Hamilton County who find themselves among the at-risk people we serve.

The VISION of the Good Samaritan Network is to position ourselves in the community with a suitable location and with strong physical and financial resources - aligned to an effective organizational structure for the facilitation, collaboration, and coordination of appropriate services.

The VALUES of the Good Samaritan Network represent our aspirations and desires in the way we want to serve our Hamilton County.

•    We believe that working together and building a strong network is critical to the survival of all nonprofit organizations and stimulates a sense of hope within the community. 
•    We pride ourselves in forming deep connections with all of our partners to advocate and champion the importance of collaboration while recognizing every partner is valued.
•    We are committed to creative and innovative thinking to enlarge our resources and our partners’ resources greater than one may be able to do on their own.

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