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Your Holiday iSPONSORSHIP can provide basic holiday provisions (Holiday food, clothing, toys, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve meals, etc.) for countless individuals and families in Hamilton County...

Thank You!

Holday Dates

You will be able to deliver on or before these Holiday dates: 

THANKSGIVING Assistance - Sat., November 23

CHRISTMAS Assistance - Sat., December 14

GSN Holiday Season Event Dates


The listed dates are primary venue site "assistance" dates. You will be able to confirm a different delivery date if necessary by directly arranging with your assigned family/contact. GSN prefers to be communicated with when that date is changed – whenever possible. This allows us a better awareness/communication opportunity should the client contact us or show up unexpectedly during the GSN Holiday distribution date/site.

Holiday iSponsorship 

Private Sponsors Help
Private Sponsors Like You Help Hundreds Of Families!


Good Samaritan Network (GSN) directly coordinates what has become the signature Holiday Assistance Distribution program in Hamilton County providing basic holiday provisions (Holiday food, clothing, toys, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve meals, etc.) for countless individuals and families; made possible by generous donations of Hamilton County residents, agencies, organizations and churches.


The need is growing! GSN is directly involved by helping the under-served individuals and families within Hamilton County (Indiana). Countless under-served families are hoping for Holiday Assistance - made possible by our Network and various individuals and organizations: just like YOU! It is the "collective" participation that allows us to reach a greater number of families and individuals! Someone has said, "you don't need a reason to help people!" - and we agree! There's plenty of need!

iSponsor Packet

Use this "simple print" FORM below if you are NOT able to complete an ONLINE application. Mail or email ( 

iSponsorship Responsibilities
iSponsor Online Application

“We came to you for help, and help you did, we were able to place meals on the table... Thank you so much for being so kind and gracious.”


Holiday Sponsored Client


Basic iSponsorship Responsibilities Include:


Provide Holiday items for assigned family(s). Strongly suggested minimum gifts: 


3 clothing items per child (clothing, socks, underwear) 

3 toys per child

Food basket/or gift card for the entire family to use for holiday food purchase

(Adult/Parent gifts are completely optional.)


Upon submitting an application and agreeing to be a sponsor your assigned family information will be provided to you (via email, fax, USPS mail or phone) with full contact information and any available individual family gift suggestions.


Determine how much you are willing to spend on your assigned Holiday family(s). Involve your family (and friends) in helping do the shopping for your assigned Holiday family(s).


Upon receiving your Holiday family request assignment(s) contact the family immediately to let them know you are supporting them for the holidays (indicate Thanksgiving, Christmas or both); that’s also a perfect time to arrange when you will deliver their holiday items/food basket on or before the date(s) listed below (or an alternate date you arrange, if needed).


If it is not possible to deliver before these dates, you can deliver ON these dates. Also, if you make arrangements for a different delivery date/time, clients do not need to come to the GSN distribution site. It is very important that you deliver on or before the above dates because it will help alleviate many time-consuming phone calls to GSN. Good Samaritan Network instructs families to come to GSN distribution site if they have not heard from their sponsors by the listed dates (obviously we prefer they do not come to the ONSITE location - we prefer they receive their assistance directly by you as their sponsor).


Each iSponsorship applicant will be assigned one or more families. Your assigned families will need you to DELIVER their Holiday items on or BEFORE the listed event dates if at all possible.


Besides what's listed here - the informative BROCHURE/PACKET will have more specifics. Click the "iSponsor Packet" link to view, print or download. 


“My husband and our 4 year old delivered Thanksgiving meals and we loved it. God really had a plan.”


Holiday Volunteer


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