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Current Fundraising Goal: $65,000


Funds will be used to impact our Client Assistance programming and services, which could include our signature "Holiday Assistance" program. Our emphasis is always the underserved residents of Hamilton County. A few stories of related assistance:


He Rides His Moped


Recently we had a young man who worked at two local businesses in order to survive. His only form of transportation for work, or pleasure, is to drive a moped year round – good or bad weather! This guy consistently worked his two jobs in an attempt to make ends meet but finally felt he needed to come to GSN for assistance. One way we were able to assist him was in helping him find an apartment. This source of shelter was actually part of a senior person’s home. Ultimately the referral process ended up helping not only this young man but a senior woman as well. Not only did this young man benefit by having a roof over his head he was able to assist his landlord with small jobs. We were quickly able to provide direct assistance and help him get his life back on track! It was a win-win situation for both of these people. But someone had to step up and help make it happen.


Three Sick Children


One family came to us, like so many, struggling to afford their recent month’s rent due to unexpected health/life issues. The three children had been chronically sick and extra expenses forced them to use part of their available rent money in order to afford their physician visits, medications, as well as Gatorade and other foods needed to promote recovery. They came humbly asking for only half of the amount needed for rent because they were able to visit two recommended local food pantries allowing them to hold on to the other half of their rent savings. With some basic financial assistance and a referral approach, they were able to get back on track.  But someone had to step up and help make it happen.


These stories are great examples how so many of the families we support are resolutely trying to remain independent and be responsible citizens. Their real story, like so many, is that they just need a little help from their friends and neighbors – or what we might refer to as a “hand up.”


Here’s how you can help your neighbors:


Readily available funds are critical in our ability to assist families at any moment. If we don’t have the finances – we simply are unable to help our neighbors. You understand our assistance is only possible because of the generous gifts of donors like you, as well our work in grant research/development and essential fundraising events and efforts. Consequently, we are presently raising funds to replenish exhausted resources in order to assist the underserved residents of Hamilton County. Our goal is: aggressive because the need is great!

Any donation, great or small, will be helpful! But don’t wait… time is of the essence! Donate today! Checks should be made payable to: Good Samaritan Network and mailed to the address listed or select the DonateNOW link.


In order to assist the residents of Hamilton County we have to raise funds, like any other nonprofit. Part of that is made possible by various fundraising events as listed here.

Cash, as they say, is king. Without it, we can't provide the programs and services that our nonprofit is designed to provide. Unlike a for-profit business, we can't promise investors a return on their investment or nor do we have sales to provide a profit.

So where do we get the necessary cash? We ask for it. We ask individuals for direct donations. We ask foundations and government agencies and corporations for grants to support our work either as non-directed gift or directed for specific programs and projects. We ask for donations from corporate and private philanthropies. The overall term for this is fundraising.  


Donor Bill Of Rights
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