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Good Samaritan Network (GSN) is a collaborative/network of nonprofits in Hamilton County. GSN utilizes two serving approaches, Direct and InDirect services, and in part is designed to ensure efficiency and communication among the different agencies, social services, nonprofits, local government, pantries, and businesses - as together we serve the needs of Hamilton County residents who are at-risk or underserved.

A community thrives when its residents are able to provide for themselves and their families. Meeting the needs of people in emergencies or crisis is our passion. We do that by serving our community directly (clients) and indirectly (Network). We are convinced that a combination of things affect the stability of individuals and families, including: education and training, sufficient income, and even an understanding of health issues. Addressing these and other life issues affect the basic needs of people - and that in turn strengthens our community. Our goal is to provide a hand-up and strong opportunities for personal empowerment. We are consistently multitasking and working together to address individual, family, community and Network needs, all designed to achieve a healthy, strong and vibrant Hamilton County. 

Network Partnering


Partner with Good Samaritan Network to serve the residents of Hamilton County in a network-wide collaboration. 


Basic Contact - This level is primarily for contact and communications only - for an "Organization" or "Individual" with limited/minimal benefit(s) - (no access to member directories and profiles, etc). Provides 1 named contact/membership individual listed.    


General Membership – This level is specific/available for an "Organization" or "Individual" - and provides 1 named contact/membership individual listed.


Pantry Membership – This level is specific/available for a "Pantry" - and also provides a bundle contact/membership for 2 individuals.  ( Pantry Ex:  Food, Clothing, Baby, Household )


Review the PDF "We Want You To Stand Out!" which explains more about GNET and its benefits. 

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Good Samaritan Network
Membership Subscription

Children Helping Children
Thank you to all our amazing iVolunteers for the Holiday season!
A passionate group of children volunteering at one of our Christmas distributions...
Breathe Easy Hamilton County is a broad-based alliance of local organizations and individuals. We believe everyone deserves the right to breathe smoke-free air at work and in public places.

As an alliance working with local organizations and individuals within the Hamilton County community, we are promoting tobacco-free living in order to reduce mortality and morbidity rates. Breathe Easy Hamilton County is working to ensure that all workers in Hamilton County are protected from secondhand smoke exposure.



Happy family

Your donation will specifically help Hamilton County families. 

Help for Hamilton County Families in Disaster
50 Units Apartment Fire 
Hamilton County COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) funds are being directed to assist families faced with this disaster. Be a part of the recovery. BENEFIT CONCERT

2023 Save The Dates
Altsernate GSN TopGolf Logo Wrk __V1A.png
TopGolf Charity Golf Outing / Jun. 25 / 3pm
Be a part of this 17th Annual Fundraising Event for client assistance in Hamilton County. Participant and Sponsorship registration now open! 

AGES Band 6-1-23.jpg
AGES Band Benefit Concert / July 1
Summer Benefit Concert for Timber Creek Fire VictimsSaturday July 1, 7pm-9pm, Carmel Gazebo

Up On The Roof! Fireworks 2023! / July 4
Tue, Jul 04, 8:30pm, Noblesville
An All American Night... Celebrating America! 

New or Gently Used TOYS
Did you know we accept NEW or GENTLY USED TOYS - ALL YEAR LONG! This is critical for us in preparing to serve families for the Holidays! 
Donations can be dropped off at our donations warehouse (317-842-2603, x200). For more donation ideas visit: DONATIONS.
COVID 19 Impact / Information 
HCTA is temporarily closed. Watch for more details and information for further availability.

If you have lost income due to
COVID-19, and are a RENTER, you can contact the HCTA Call Center: 317-618-3125 or visit: for more details and to apply.
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The MISSION of Good Samaritan Network is to demonstrate the unconditional love of Christ by serving the physical, financial and emotional needs of the underserved individuals and families in Hamilton County.



The VALUES of Good Samaritan Network represent our aspirations and desires to serve the Hamilton County community.


Click for GSN's current VALUES listing.



The VISION of Good Samaritan Network is to position ourselves in the community with a suitable location and with strong physical and financial resources - aligned to an effective organizational structure for the facilitation, collaboration, and coordination of appropriate services to those residents of Hamilton County in need of physical, spiritual and emotional support; who find themselves among the at-risk people we serve.

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