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Membership Details

Good Samaritan Network

In an effort to clarify participant status we developed a membership approach in 2015. We believe this adds to Network engagement and encourages consistency as well as clarity in all areas of participation.


Since its inception GSN has been “membership” free. Meaning the benefits gained by Network participants and primary expenditures were borne exclusively by GSN, including grant work, fundraisers, leveraged pricing for pantries, etc.


We developed a very basic membership model for ease of access and affordability. With GSN's membership tiers, membership holds value for current programming, resources and services; as well as future development in training and educational opportunities designed to advance Network participants, besides providing discounted registration for GSN events and fee related activities.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve the GSN Network and provide more deliverables which ultimately affect the residents of Hamilton County! Networking and problem-solving are the top reasons participants connect with GSN, including their ability to access specialized and or current information, education, and certification as well as developing best practices.


Additionally GSN is all about advocacy. We want our Network to succeed! We want to help you find solutions that allow you to be current, effective and successful in serving people! This means delivering a variety of meaningful member benefits not available to the public. It also means that when we offer programming and resources to nonmembers, we have to charge them a premium. That way GSN membership makes sense and holds more value.


In an effort to provide equity and choice a two-tiered membership plan recognizes the diversity of our membership and provides tangible value:


Primary Member (regardless of "DONOR PARTNER" contributions)

Associate Member (minimum for Agencies and Food Pantries)


One primary inherent value of membership is the ability to clearly articulate how and who is collaborating with GSN – without blurred lines. A MOU helps clarify additional details concerning GSN’s ability to support your agency, organization, etc.; all in an effort to serve and provide coordinated services for the residents of Hamilton County.

Download a “Network Membership” brochure and a “MOU” brochure. Familiarize yourself with the information, ask questions. Once you have determined to become a GSN member, follow the instructions for completing and returning a MOU provided at the bottom of the MOU. After completing an MOU scan it and return it by email, FAX, or via USPS mail or in person at GSN’s office. An invoice for payment will be issued within 60-days after your MOU is received.


“If it wasn't for GSN and the Mobile Food Distribution, it would have been very hard to feed my kids and I for the summer. Thank you!

Mobile Food Receipient

“GSN always does a phenomenal job - anytime GSN is involved in any part of an event. We love working alongside you guys!”

Network Member

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