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Membership / MOU

Providing sustainable deliverables for Hamilton County has always been the benchmark for developing a membership model with Good Samaritan Network. Be sure to read the details here and download the Membership and MOU brochures.

Coming Soon!

GNET Membership Portal
What is an MOU?
Monthly Network Meetings
GSN hosts and coordinates monthly Network meetings for resources, problem solving, communication, education and training for Hamilton County nonprofits, agencies and pantries.
Network meetings are always held the second Tuesday of each month, except for December. Location and dates/times are as listed, unless otherwise announced/posted, at the Noblesville Public Library at 3:45-5pm.
Membership Portal
Coming Soon!


Good Samaritan Network is currently developing a web-based membership portal which will allow us to better serve the hundreds of Network participants and more quickly access current and valid data, which can ultimately be self/edited and provided by our participants. Watch for an announcement and more information. 

What is an MOU? 


A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required of an agency/organization when they agree to partner with and fulfill membership requirements in association with Good Samaritan Network (GSN). The MOU provides documentation demonstrating the applicant (agency/organization) has consulted and willingly coordinates various characteristics of their working relationship with GSN.


Nearly always a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required in order to obtain community and grant support and to confirm collaboration. It is intended only to describe how GSN will support, guide and advise - not to direct in any way an agency or organization or its leaders, but simply provide collaborative networking opportunities. Further, it articulates an overview of GSN’s services and the Applicant’s responsibilities.


“If it wasn't for GSN and the Mobile Food Distribution, it would have been very hard to feed my kids and I for the summer. Thank you!

Mobile Food Receipient

“GSN always does a phenomenal job - anytime GSN is involved in any part of an event. We love working alongside you guys!”

Network Member

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